Cinematography, Director

Millom Bakkar og Berg

Premiere 6. September 2018

The extreme sport documentary following adventures on the Norwegian westcoast in the seek of an answer of why to risk so much for fresh powder. And what is the most important in life?

Volda 6. september 2018
Oslo 13. september 2018


Producer: Hallstein D. Mala
Directed by:
Matias Myklebust
Cinematography: Matias Myklebust & Hallstein Mala
Still-photographer: Kyrre Buxrud, Lise Stangvik
Production company: Ranglefant Film AS


Karsten Gefle
Petter Westgaard
Leif Hoggen
Eirin Myklebust
Lilly Gefle
Asbjørn Eggebø Næss
Are Reed
Syver Skar Eriksen

With support from:
Volda University College
Brynje of Norway
Stellar Equipment



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